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White's Tree Service, LLC is family owned and operated business. We proudly serve Jackson and Josephine county. We offer Military and Senior discounts to our customers. Specializing in hazard tree removal, fire fuel reduction, and excavation work. We are Bonded and Insured. Here to keep you safe and make you happy.

Call today for your FREE estimate.

(541) 973-5155



(541) 973-5155

Our Products and Services

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Our 60' boom truck

This truck allows us to get into those hard to reach areas. If we can't climb it, we can take care of it with this truck.

Excavation Work

Are you making a house pad? Building a road? Or just need a ditch dug? We have the machinery to do all of that, give us a call and we can take care of it for you.


Although trees are beautiful, too many can be dangerous for their growth. Thinning your trees to give them enough room to grow big and healthy is what we do. Give us a call for your estimate today.

Fire Fuel Reduction

Make your home safe from the unthinkable fire. Thin out the tree's and brush on your property to make it safe, clean and beautiful. Call us for your estimate today.

Custom Saw Milling

Turn the trees on your property into beautiful, milled wood for your own projects. We do it all, from start to finish. 

  • Cutting of trees 
  • Mill logs with our portable saw mill
  • Excavate ground for new buildings